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    Therapy for Women of Color

    “Our cultural and racial identity can no longer be ignored in the therapy room.”

    A safe space for Black and Brown women to heal.

    Women of color can face challenging stressors simply due to their race and ethnicity. As a result, we can endure racial trauma, intergenerational trauma and often find it difficult to be vulnerable in certain spaces. 

    Systemic racism and microaggressions are common in the workplace. Microaggressions are the everyday, subtle, and often unintentional interactions or behaviors that communicate bias toward historically marginalized groups. This can impact your sense of safety, which can manifest as an overactive nervous system, overall happiness, create self-doubt and self worth. Many times these experiences are suppressed and not addressed, thereby leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even powerless.

    What is Hyper-Independence?

    Black and Latinx have been enduring these experiences, particularly in the workplace for far too long.  Quite often, our racial and cultural identities have historically been ignored in the therapy room, partially because of lack of representation in mental health services.  We know this is no longer acceptable and are aware of the impact these experiences can make on our mental health. I can empathize how feeling the need to hold back your cultural or racial identity in the therapy room can impact your ability to be your authentic and vulnerable self.  This can limit your full ability to heal. 

    As a Latina therapist, I am committed in assisting you to bring your various identities and personal experiences in order to bring your authentic self to our space together.