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    Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

    What is Heart Centered Hypnotherapy?

    I am a Certified Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a powerful and highly effective treatment modality that gives access to our subconscious mind through deep relaxation. Clients get to the source of their issues by accessing the subconscious mind. Through clearer contact with past experiences, you are better able to release the energy of emotions and gain better understanding of how they affect your life today.

    The Hypnotherapy healing modality is used to effectively treat anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, unhealthy relationship patterns, physical ailments and an array of issues. Using this modality, I assist clients with finding deeper understanding and identify connecting patterns and themes in your life. Through past regression work, I help guide you into the subconscious to develop awareness and inner power to create sustainable change and growth.

    I currently offer components of Hypnotherapy during our talk therapy sessions (such as a soul retrieval and inner child healing) as well as full Hypnotherapy sessions. When combined with methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), valuable healing work can begin as quickly as one or two sessions. I would be happy to further discuss this with you and whether this could potentially become a part of your treatment.