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  • Therapy for your Inner Child

    Who is your Inner Child? 

    Your inner child consists of younger versions of you ranging from childhood to young adulthood. They are comprised of your feelings, personality and creativity. Your inner child is your essence and your spirit. This is who you are deep down but you may have felt lost along the way to adulthood due to personal experiences.

    The Wounded Inner Child

    There may be times in your life where this younger version may have felt wounded. Some of these experiences can consist of trauma related to various types of abuse such as physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse.  Childhood wounds may leave you with feelings that contribute to feeling unsafe and unworthy. Additionally, childhood needs may have not been met by your caretakers. Some of these emotional needs include but are not limited to feeling loved, feeling connected to your caretakers, feeling seen, heard and understood.  

    Healing your Inner Child

    By learning how to connect to this part of you, you can begin to heal the experiences your inner child went through, which may show up in your daily life. We will process these experiences together at your pace and comfort. Your inner child can develop their voice and you will be able to learn how to connect to them. Along with this process, we can include an integration of other forms of healing, which can include meditation and hypnotherapy, if appropriate. When you are ready to connect to your inner child, the healing can begin and you will also learn how to reparent them. By guiding you through this which is a powerful form of self empowerment.  

    If you have any questions about inner child healing, please do not hesitate to reach out and book a discovery call.